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Growing up in Oklahoma, Greyson Chance knows a thing or two about country life and cowboys, and this video for his new track “Boots” is an ode to the pop singer’s Western pride.

Chance struck internet gold in 2010 at the age of 12 when his cover of Lady Gaga‘s “Paparazzi” went viral. He not only landed a spot on Ellen to perform the track, he acquired more than 100 million YouTube views of the original cover and amassed a troupe of devoted fans all his own.

Living life in the spotlight had some drawbacks, though, as Chance uprooted to Los Angeles and rode the surreal wave of celebrity teeny bopper. For nearly seven years, in fact, he wrote and recorded original music, traveled the world, and finished middle and high school through online tutorials.

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In 2017, Chance took a big chance and stepped out of the spotlight to relocate back home to Oklahoma and rediscover his roots and his passion for music. Now, he’s back with the new track “Boots,” the second single off of his new album Portraits, which released earlier this year.

From his opinions and views on life to a vulnerable transparency of the ups and downs he’s been through, the 12-song album is a commentary on his authentic journey. “Boots” is one of the prime examples of how his takes on music and style are just a little different than his peers.

“To all the stars who feel like they’re hard”

– Greyson Chance, ‘Boots’

“‘Boots,’ at its core, is a narrative addressing pop culture’s current usage of Western imagery. When I was writing the song, I found myself imagining what Johnny Cash would be like if he were around and making music in 2019,” said Chance. “I thought about what he would wear, how he would act, and what he would write about. My conclusion was that it all would look and feel considerably different than these stars wearing cowboy hats these days. Being from Oklahoma, I understand that being ‘Western’ isn’t all about the style; it’s about an attitude, an obsessive loyalty and an unwavering wildness. ‘Boots’ is truly just an observation of what I see in pop culture currently and what I think about it.”

After coming out as gay publicly on Instagram to his fans and followers in 2017 at the age of 19, Chance explained to pal Ellen on her talk show that he had been out to friends and family for years before. For him, it was actually  a conversation with a fan that led him to use his platform for LGBTQ visibility.

Currently on a North American tour with tickets to Denver’s November 27 show still available, Chance has partnered with The Ally Coalition, and at each show, the organization will introduce attendees to a charity in their respective community that is in need of support.