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Funky, witty, and whimsical: the queer duo FHAT is serving it all up in this delectably cheeky and ultra-campy new single, “Packin’.” Get ready for some time traveling that’s equal parts sass and serious. Can you dig what FHAT is dishing?

It’s no joke that FHAT are making their own herstory with the new single, a 70s-inspired, funky tune that is certainly a new addition to every diva’s dance playlist. Playing up the puns on packages, the two troublemakers embark on a mad and funky journey, igniting a fight to save humanity from a dark project.

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“This is the thing we’re most proud of to date! It completely captures the world of FHAT! This is who we are every day outside of the music; we have fun; we dress up; we use charm and hustle to get what we want, and the cause always justifies the means,” said FHAT. “This is only the beginning of the journey; it gets even wilder!”

Comprised of Berlin-based duo Aaron Pfeiffer and Sedric Perry, FHAT have received acclaim from some of the top queer music outlets and even got some love from Mama Ru herself in a Twitter shoutout

A pop party anthem sure to get you weekend ready, these writers, singers, and producers are delivering as much face and fashion as they are uptempo attitude in the action-packed video of deceit, allure, and charm. Slinging a boogie worth getting down to, the video released is showing off what it is that makes these two so captivating. 

Here’s the Skinny

The fab team introduce their groovy alter-egos Hunter and Jackson, who are on a mission to hijack a transatlantic Pan Am flight headed for Berlin. Through seduction, FHAT are able to drug the pilot and tie up two members of cabin crew and steal their outfits in order to execute their plan. Complete with sexual tension, dance moves, and the odd, half-naked shot, the video is sensual companion for the saucy, pop-powerhouse single.

Now, turn that sound up and get down to this funky tune from FHAT.