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Fab the Duo, a biracial, glam, pop-rock duo and real-life couple have released “No Prince Charming,” their latest song, video, and follow-up to their viral 2019 release, “I Want A Man.” The new release from the self-described “modern day Sonny and Cher (but we’re both Cher)” is an upbeat, empowerment anthem that assures listeners, “I don’t need no Prince Charming to save me/I don’t need no dragon just to slay,” because “all I need is me.”
“‘No Prince Charming’ is about realizing your own worth and knowing you don’t need anyone but yourself to make you happy,” explained Fab the Duo. “Even though we’re a couple, we’re also very strong individuals, and we wouldn’t be able to be together if we weren’t confident in who we are.”
“No Prince Charming” features Mariahlynn, the superstar rapper and former “Love & Hip Hop: New York” cast member. On the track the “Once Upon A Time (Not Long Ago, I Was a Hoe)” artist confirms, “yes I am a princess, not the one you need to save.”
On working with Mariahlynn, Fab the Duo says: “Having someone so talented and influential in the studio with us collaborating on our song was the best feeling in the world. We’ve been obsessed with her song ‘Once Upon A Time’ because, in a slut-shaming world, it takes a lot of guts for a woman to proudly admit that ‘she was a hoe.’”
Fab-the-Duo-GuitarFab The Duo, who met each other on Tinder, are aiming to change the cultural narrative about love in the LGBTQ space. “We’re two men in a healthy relationship not afraid to sing about being gay. Our main goal is to be the heroes we never had growing up. There’s no shame in being authentic and loving who you want. In short, our love is resistance.”
The power duo composed of boyfriends Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile open up a door to all communities around the globe to embrace their personalities and true identities as Fab the Duo. They are known for their energetic approach to self love and challenging queer folks to find that truth for themselves. They lean into pop/rock with ease and approach their open-minded lyric writing as a way to encourage the culture of the queer scene to do better.
“Finding love in the gay community can be super hard—we’re often separated into obscure groups divided by race or body type. It can be superficial and demeaning. Everyone needs to be reminded that they’re fabulous and deserve nothing but the best.”
An EP from the duo is expected later this year, so turn that sound up, and get ready to meet Fab the Duo!