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Brisbane art-pop band Cub Sport has been coming out on top of the charts and the gender binary for years. Through art, front-person Tim Nelson has credited music as a form of therapy and the process of creation has helped the members of the band find not only a form of expression but has helped them find themselves.
While two of the members are now married, the band didn’t start out that way when they formed nearly a decade ago. Starting out as a backing band to Nelson’s solo project, the journey that has ensued for the four-piece pop band has been one of coming to terms with their sexuality, identification, relationship with masculinity, religious upbringing, and personal well-being.
Nelson, now married to keyboardist Sam “Bolan” Netterfield, has been vocal about their development of self-identity and doesn’t shy away from the difficult conversations. Bringing a necessary blend of raw representation and polished poise, Cub Sport has been catching eyes and ears as they continue to serve insightful and relatable art.


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A work in process / Free to form my own self not built by others 💗

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In the latest lyric video for the new single “Drive,” off the forthcoming album Like Nirvana, the band is serving us sweetheart vibes that can warm even the coldest of quarantined hearts.
What started as a love song to Netterfield, the song takes on so much more than the simple theme of thankfully in love. Taking adoration to the next level, “Drive” reaches beyond the cute couple and sweet moments and really incapsulates appreciation for all things and people in our lives. The song sonically is cloud-like in its light, airy feel with vocals that float delicately throughout lyrics about the disbelief that the love you’ve found is real and taking a moment for quiet gratitude.
Full of self-shot footage of Nelson and Netterfield, the lyric video for “Drive” is giving us all the feels. From running around outside to performing child-like dances, all while keeping it current with fun filters and Zoom background images.
The new album Like Nirvana is set to release July 24 and will be the next era of Cub Sport finding a balance between the dark and the light of life, being fearless in the face of personal secrets, and appreciating every step of the way.
Turn that sound up and celebrate summer with Cub Sport and “Drive.”