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Queer adventures of the third kind, that’s what BHuman is delivering in this sci-fi, 90s, throwback rendition of Cher’s “Believe.” Want green goblins, moon walkers, and X Files with your pop music? Dusting off those tape decks and VHS recordings, transatlantic, queer, electropop artist BHuman has paid tribute and is giving it their all.

Creating a queer pop partnership unlike any other, the duo BHuman is comprised of transgender Londoner Billy Lloyd and gay New Yorker Harrison Scott. The pair are known for their unique collages of color, opulent outfits, and stacks of personality in their visuals, and “Believe” does not disappoint.

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The single is off their full-length concept album BMovie, which was a new adventure for the two, as they had already made individual names for themselves. Forming BHuman and creating music together is a way for Lloyd and Scott to take things to a new level through their unique collaborative interests.

“I think by the end of the first EP, we’d figured out the kind of music that we wanted to make: ‘good,’ fun pop with important messages behind it,” said Scott. “If you listen to our debut EP compared to BMovie, you can really see that we’ve started to move to a more focused, commercial sound while still having fun with our signature weird sound effects and production.”

An ode to their love of all things sci-fi, their slick, stripped-back take on Cher’s 90s mega-hit “Believe” is a showcase of that combination of signature effects and production.

Lloyd added, “for me, the last EP was an ‘experiment for voice,’ relearning to sing in a way that feels authentic post-transition. BMovie is also a reflection of that ongoing progress.”

With a new video to be released later this month for the track “Other Way” off of BMovie, all things spooky, creepy, and alien are keeping us satiated until then.

Turn that Sound Up! for BHuman’s “Believe,” and stay tuned for more from this queer pop powerhouse.