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When it comes to the realm of storytelling, the medium of creation can be vastly different from artist to artist. For Aina Brei’Yon, it’s more than taking a pen to paper and putting words to emotive beats; it’s about forming vibrations and raising awareness about what is beautiful in the world. No excuses, no genres, and no limits, she is known for personifying strength and never holding back.

In her recent music video for the single “Brownskin,” Brei’Yon is exemplifying her concept of staying true to no boundaries and her limitless self-expression as she examines the beauty of her subject, the object her affection, the “Brownskin” babe before her.

From the 2019 album I Missed the Summer, Brei’Yon is true master in the art of female adoration on this track as she croons lyrics to her lover like, “The way you feel show me God was real,” and “chillin’ with no makeup on, to me, that’s when you the most beautiful.”

As an out musician, Brei’Yon knows it’s important to be a visible symbol for underrated and underrepresented  folks in the hip-hop scene.

“I believe it’s important because people need to see and know the real you. A lot of people believe that they are alone in what they go through in life, and my transparency shows them that they are not,” Aina Brei’Yon said to Obvious in early 2019.

Brei’Yon embraces energy and feeling and has pulled a steady and loyal fan base of multigenerational, like-minded individuals of all genders and sexualities to her sonic, honest landscape. Though the independent artist’s concepts are authentic to idealistic personification while drawing from personal experience and internal growth.

“When the world sees you one way, they believe that’s the only way you should be. I can’t be boxed in. God did not put my gift in a box with a pretty little bow on it. When I create, I create from whatever I’m feeling at the moment. No rules. No limitations. No image to protect. That’s the only true form of freedom … The freedom to stand in your truth,” she said.

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Her reality is defined by her beliefs, a message that transcends through her music and resonates in a space of self-expression and veteran prowess.

With more than two decades of entertainment experience under her belt, she has manifested not only a successful career in music, she is also the founder and CEO of 3K9 Productions. Her dedication to creativity and honing her craft while maintaining her authentic and independent voice make her an obvious choice for this week’s feature.

So, you know what to do; turn that sound up for Aina Brei’Yon!