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Future Method’s Anal Douche

Future Method, the first scientific and comprehensive educational line of sex products, was developed to revolutionize the way people who have anal intercourse  prepare for and enjoy sex. Future Method’s founder, Dr. Evan Goldstein of Bespoke Surgical, began the company to address the lack of education, sexual care, and overall wellness for folks who dig getting down but not dirty.

More than 88 percent of men who practice receptive anal intercourse do use some element of cleansing, so Future Method made an ideal product with the right amount of liquid and instructions for use in order to minimize any risk. They strive to do the best they can for the community with education and specifically designed products  around healthy anal sex. Learn more at futuremethod.com.

Hot Octopuss

This company is serving up a sexual revolution by way of combining body positivity and social justice. With their current movement, #showstigmathefinger, they have tapped on the shoulders of sex and LGBTQ activists to strip down and show the world what’s up.

Through unique products like the AMO bullet, which offers versatility in delivery with its rumbly motor, and the Pulse Solo Essential, known as the trademarked Guybrator, their cutting-edge technology will deliver hands-free pleasure. Check out hotoctopus.com.

Temptasia’s Reina and RodeoH Package Brief from Vanilla Kink

111 Broadway Suite 203, Denver

If you’re looking to surprise your significant other with a new, *ahem* package, head to your new, local sex accessory shop, Vanilla Kink, and pick up the new Reinia strap-on compatible silicone dildo and adorable backage briefs with a dildo insert. Perfect for sexy time, then cute cuddling in undies after!

Sliquid Organics from Vanilla Kink

However, whenever, and wherever you use lube, there are a few boxes you want to be sure to check. Does the lube come from a viable company, and is it organic and good for your body? Sliquid Organics checks all those boxes, and even makes lube specific to people with vaginas, something that is vastly underrepresented. You can get it at your local sex accessory shop Vanilla Kink!