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Quickly approaching is the season of roses, romance, and all things that are ooey-gooey and sappy when it comes to love. However, some of us are a bit more than bitter when it comes to the stupid cupid date and would rather see Valentine’s Day pass us by with no mention at all.

If you’re in the anti-Valentine’s Day camp, perhaps it’s because you’re broken hearted and have a bitchin’ break-up story you want to share with the world. The Elizabeth Hotel in Fort Collins is inviting folks to share their best, and worst, break-up stories to commiserate with your community in the collective hate of Valentine’s Day.

The Anti-Valentine’s Day Heartbreak Hotel Contest is collecting submissions via social DMs or in person at The Elizabeth Hotel, The Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market, Magic Rat Live Music, or Sunset Lounge from Wednesday, February 5 to 12. The winner of the best of the worst split story, which will be selected at random, will win an overnight stay at The Elizabeth Hotel and dinner on them.

As a way to either celebrate how we told someone to kick rocks or hold each other for a collective wound licking, The Elizabeth Hotel will host a special Anti-Valentine’s Day Wine & Whine event in the lobby starting at 4 p.m. Dragan Andrejic, general manager of The Elizabeth, and Jeff Haber, general manager of The Emporium, Magic Rat, Sunset Lounge & Bowerbird, will take turns reading all of the tragic tales of woe aloud and toast with a shot of ‘cold comfort.’ Additionally, complimentary wine will be served during the hilarious and horrific readings.

For those who are avoiding love, or those who are deeply in it and blinded by the fabulous feelings of butterflies and heart palpitations, the Anti-Valentine’s Day Wine & Whine will be an entertaining community event for all.