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The successful songstress of both the pop realm and the stages of Broadway, Sara Bareilles, made her way through Denver on Friday, October 18 during her Amidst the Chaos tour.

After taking a six year hiatus from writing her relatable, yet personal love songs, Bareilles is back and better than ever. Seems that relocating to New York City from Los Angeles, writing the musical Waitress, performing on the stages of Broadway in said musical, and falling in love have done wonders for her soul, heart, and songwriting.


While Bareilles is best known for her massive radio hit “Love Song” in 2007, she has had six top ten Billboard hits including “King of Anything,” “Uncharted,” and “Brave.” Additionally, she has seen massive success with the musical Waitress, of which she wrote all of the original music, and produced the popular single “She Used to be Mine.”

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A veteran in the industry, she is truly a professional on stage. While it’s almost impossible to imagine an entire arena like Pepsi Center with all eyes on one person, that’s exactly what happened. Alternating between piano to guitar, then to piano again, she is not only a skilled musician, her voice contains and impeccable ring that is well under her control.


From moments of whispers to the belting of emotional notes, Bareilles has a purity to her voice that resonates effortlessly. There is also a simple beauty and purity to the lyrics she has penned, as they are laced with nuance and metaphor.

Incorporating hits from her repertoire of previous five full-length albums, weaving in songs from the latest release Amidst the Chaos, and creating a 10-minute medley of Waitress tunes, Bareilles left her mark on the Mile High City and we are already counting the days until her return.


Sara-Bareilles-Pepsi-Center*Photos by Veronica L. Holyfield