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In fast-paced Denver, it’s easy to feel disconnected and lost at times.

I sometimes find myself in what feels like an aimless wandering of the city, a “hurry up and wait” approach to life. I rush to wait in traffic, only to arrive at a long wait at the doctor’s office, reminding me that many things are outside of my control.

I am the lead character in my own life story, and it’s rare that I simply take a stroll and observe everything and everyone else around. The day-to-day monotony of tasks amid familiar faces become a vortex of comfort, but I know there is a greater purpose. Or is there? What really matters in a life that can feel so nebulous?

Remote Denver has taken on the challenge of answering that question, all while providing an unforgettable adventure. The two-hour, pedestrian-based live art tour by Rimini Protokoll, hosted by Denver Center for the Performing Arts, is a collision of intense drama with laugh-out-loud comedy, all while exploring the connection of people to each other and the greater outside.

Participants are ushered via a guided audio tour through a secret city within the city, perusing areas of Denver that are typically unseen. Each member of the 60-plus person group observes art along with human behavior, and at times becomes the art and objects of observation.

Cued moments of group antics entice audiences to watch, entertained and confused, while other moments direct the group to blend in and be unseen. A new reality the group manifests is like an organism that grows, splits apart, and reunites again. Above all, it is an exercise in trust and cooperation and a captivating example of groupthink, coercion, and persuasion.

Existential exploration, artificial intelligence, and artistic anthropology intertwine in Remote Denver in ways that are unlike any other experience this city has to offer.

Remote Denver runs through July 1. Learn more or grab tickets here!