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Queer, trans artist Silen Wellington will perform “Body Like Scripture,” their first full-length solo show, in Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins this weekend. A recent graduate of CU Boulder, Silen is a Fort Collins-based artist, composer, and witch.

Body Like Scripture, is “both a prayer and an assertion.” The show will include Queer/Trans performance art, electroacoustic music, spoken word, and ritual. It will tackle themes like legibility/illegibility, coherence/incoherence, survival/resistance, and the sacred/profane.

The show will also include installation art from Fort Collins-based artist Saskia Becker, as well as videography.

Completely self-produced, the show is an opportunity for Silen to finish their work. Silen said, “in some ways, it doesn’t feel like my work is complete until it exists in the reflection of witnesses. I’m often most interested in crafting experiences that can’t be recreated, that only exist for that one moment of performance.”

You can witness Silen’s work in Denver at the Mercury, Boulder at the Wesley Foundation , or Fort Collins at the Wolverine Farm. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. You can also donate to their show through their GoFundMe.