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It’s the most wonderful time of year. It’s the time to send “PLZ HALP” snaps to your friends as your conservative families talk about politics while scarfing down overcooked ham. It’s the time when stress levels hit an all time high as you ponder what present perfectly represents your friendship or—if you’re shackled—your lover. It’s the time that the streets of Denver are empty except for the puddles of melted snow that could or could not be an ice death trap.

But, it’s also the time of year to celebrate the end of one of the tumultuous years in the last decade. (Well, the last eight years.) What better place to ring in the new year than one of Colorado’s most popular EDM festivals? Decadence is once again bringing some of dance music’s most popular musicians for two nights of non-stop dancing.

Before you lace up and shake off all the bad energy 2017 left stuck in your pores, there are a few things you should know.

Ladies, gentlemen, and anyone who proudly states “eff your gender boxes,” lets run through the Queer Survival Guide to Decadence.

1. Presentation is Everything
No, you won’t want to dress comfortably. You’ll want to ring in the new year in your most flashing drag. We’re not suggesting y’all pop up in stilettos and wigs (although we’d all live for that), but dress to impress. Throw on some glitter. Whip out that hilarious suit your mom got you as a gag gift one year. Put on those furry moon boots and dark sunglasses. Grab a crop top (you’ll thank us later for this one.)

2. Hydrate
Santa knows how thirsty y’all have been this year. He’s been checking Grindr. And while Decadence is the perfect spot to quench your thirst, it’s also important to actually drink a lot of water. You’ll be surrounded by a lot of beautiful, sweaty, dancing people and you don’t want to miss a second of it because of heat exhaustion. (Booze doesn’t hydrate you, btw.)

3. Pre-Game
You’ll want to walk into this spot, and immediately start dancing. You’ll also want to wake up the next morning to an overdrafted bank statement. It’s best practice to pre-game with your best Judy and get amped for the show. Of course you’ll want to keep the party going once you arrive, so space out your drinks between sets and play smart, not hard.

4. Talk to Strangers
Decadence is easily one of the best spots to ring in the New Year with new friends, dance buddies, or even lovers. Everyone in the gigantic room is there for two reasons: music and spreading love. Don’t be a wallflower or stick to your usual clique. Break free and dance with someone you wouldn’t normally.

5. Don’t Accept Drugs from Strangers
This is not the first time you’ve heard this. But, I’m going to play Mom for one second and remind you that you shouldn’t put strange things in your mouth. We want everyone to have a fun and safe New Years, so stick with what you know.

6. Dance, Dance, Dance