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Look out Denver, because a RuPaul’s Drag Race legend is hitting the Mile High City. Season Two and All Stars contestant Pandora Boxx is known for her comedic timing, her likability, and her infamous Carol Channing impersonation of the first ever Snatch Game.

Although we’ve seen a lot of comedy queens on the Emmy award-winning reality show, few compare to Pandora—who was also crowned Miss Congeniality of her season. She’s a fan favorite, and she will be in Denver hosting the annual Denver Power Gala, an event celebrating advocates for the LGBTQ community, on October 13 at the History Colorado Center.

We had the pleasure of chatting more with Pandora about her upcoming visit, her time on Drag Race, and her feelings about the show’s transformation throughout the years.

Hello, Pandora! You are hosting Power Gala with Mrs. Kasha Davis. What can audiences generally expect from a Pandora performance?
I would hope you can expect to be entertained. Something a little different, offbeat, and funny.

The Denver Power Gala highlights and celebrates LGBTQ advocates. Is there an advocate you admire the most?
Oh gee, I don’t know. There’s so many who are doing so many great things; I can’t think of just one. I think, especially right now, there are a lot of people standing up and speaking out, and I think it’s great. It’s at a time we need it the most.

What kind of LGBTQ activism have you personally been involved with?
I think that just being a drag queen makes you a spokesperson for the gay community, because you’re out there and you’re loud; you’re in people’s faces. Even if your number is not political, you’re still making a statement just by being out and being in drag and going to Pride parades and just being a vocal part of the community.

What is your relationship like with Mrs. Kasha Davis? You’ve worked and performed with her before?
Yes. She is a rotted b*tch! No, I’m kidding. Kasha and I are from the same city of Rochester, New York. We’ve been performing together for a very long time, and we have a great working relationship. We’re friends, and we get along. We have a similar sense of humor, but they are different enough where we can kind of compliment each other.

Who are some of your other favorite Drag Race queens to perform with, and why?
I like all of them pretty much. I think I have my favorites, those I work with a lot living in L.A. I work with Ongina, Morgan McMichaels, Mariah Balenciaga, Jessica Wild; they are all really fun to perform with, especially like my Season Two queens, Jujubee and Raven and all of them. We have that Season Two bond. I just did a show with Darienne Lake and Kasha Davis in Provincetown, which was really fun.

Let’s talk about Drag Race for a hot minute. How has the show changed your life?
Well, I was able to be an entertainer full time because of Drag Race. So, it’s been great in that aspect. I guess that’s the biggest change that it did.

You have been quite busy since your time on the show. What are some major projects you have been involved with?
There have been quite a few. I have done a ton. The latest thing is, I have a new music video parody that came out on September 24. It’s called, “Oops, I Think I Pooped.” It’s something that everybody does, and I’m just speaking out about it.

Do you feel like your aesthetic has changed since your time on the show?
Yeah, I think I still tend to go a little bit campier, and I think I have improved. I think when you see yourself on TV, you want to make changes, and because it’s been so long, I think you naturally change your aesthetic and look.

What are some of your favorite and least favorite songs to lip sync to?
My favorite song to listen to is “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” which anybody who has been to my shows would be like, ‘Oh yeah.’ They’ve seen me perform it like a thousand times.’ I like doing comedy songs and making a mix of something more than just doing like a regular song. My least favorite song to perform to? I don’t know. I wouldn’t do them. I probably wouldn’t want to do “Shake Your Love,” because that’s the song that sent me home on Drag Race. Love Debbie Gibson, but not that song.

Since you were on Season Two and All Stars, how are you making sure you stay relevant within the Drag Race community and not fall into the shadows?
I guess that is the trick of it all. I am constantly questioning that. What should I do? You know, you need to stay busy and do things and go with other projects. That’s why I have a poop song coming out. I had a podcast for a little bit, and I’m considering doing it again. I took some time off. So, it just depends on the number of projects, and if you don’t find the projects, you just have to create them.

You have also been able to witness how the show has transformed over the years. Do you like the direction it’s heading?
I mean, I certainly would love to be on another season of All Stars and get the publicity that’s behind it. That would be amazing! My time on All Stars was not the greatest. I don’t think anyone really liked the idea of teams. But yeah, I like where the show is headed. However, the only thing I kind of don’t like about it is just that the queens all know the game, so they come in overly prepared. Designers have all made their costumes, and they come in with their catchphrases, so it’s lost some of the organic feel, but it’s still an amazing show, and they are doing a great job. RuPaul just won another Emmy, which is amazing. She is an amazing host.

So, if the opportunity presented itself, you would compete for a third time?
Yeah, I would. I think if you asked me that question years ago, I would’ve been like ‘absolutely no.’ I just didn’t have a great experience on All Stars, but enough time has passed, and I’ve thought about it. I would go in with a different mentality than I did that time.

Are you and Mimi okay with each other now? Did you patch things up?
We were never really on the fritz. We were fine on the show; you just never saw that because that doesn’t make good TV. I mean, I’m not some raging assh*le. I realized I had said some things, and I didn’t say them to be mean. I was upset, and I think we were all kind of like, ‘Oh sh*t, well, we’re on these teams, and we have to deal with it.’

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking about auditioning for Drag Race?
You have to make a really good audition video, and that’s really it.

Besides your poop parody, what other projects should we be on the lookout for? What’s the next biggest thing for Pandora Boxx?
I am working on a couple of things, but nothing is really set in stone yet. So, I’m figuring it out. You can always go to my website, pandoraboxx.com, and you can catch up on everything there.