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Electronic pop duo Overcoats have been quickly picking up steam and have become a frequent visitor to Colorado venues. After taking the stage at Larimer Lounge, Globe Hall, and the Westword Music Showcase, the pair have now been able to add The Ogden Theater to their list of Denver stops.

The Overcoats, who are currently on tour with Cold War Kids, performed an upbeat and energetic opening set on Wednesday, January 22. Surprising even the most dedicated fan, the beats were faster and harder as the duo delivered remixes of their well-known tracks.

Having made a home for their music in a space that is primarily considered down tempo, melodic, ambiance pop, the pair pulled out all the stops and took their songs to the next level to meet the hungry Cold War Kids crowd where they were at. Bringing a drummer and guitar player on the road with them, the Overcoats have now been able to add a bit more edge to their traditionally soft and melancholy tracks.

Harmonies are still the most on-point in the Overcoats. The weaving in and out of unison to layers, the voices of these women are undeniably infectious as folks walked away from their set with the hauntingly beautiful lyrics on repeat in their minds.

The Overcoats, comprised of singer/songwriters Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell, began their collaboration in the early 2010s when they met in college and discovered a mutual love for music. After releasing their debut self-titled EP in 2015, they toured and refined and in 2017 released their full-length album Young.

2017 was a monumental year for the Overcoats after they amassed 28 million streams on the single “Cherry Wine” on Spotify and selling 30,000 albums. Taking 2018 to promote the album and 2019 to tour the world, the Overcoats are now back and breaking pop convention for the new decade. After releasing their newest single, The Fool – Undone¬†on January 30, the Overcoats are overturning expectations and hand-crafting subversive and provocative melodies.

*Photos by Veronica L. Holyfield