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Simply put, taking PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) has become a way of life for queer, male-identifying people who have sex with men. In Colorado, one of the most PrEP-friendly states to live in, it is a normal part of conversation, and the stigma around ensure protection from contracting STDs and STIs is quickly vanishing. For many in the LGBTQ community across the country, however, that isn’t as much the case.

In order to continue the conversation and promote further education on the life-saving medication, the StoryCenter has partnered with Proud to be PrEPPED to host a one-night-only screening of Our Truth, A Showcase of Short Films Highlighting Self-Love and Sexual Health.

The short stories and vignettes woven together in this showcase are narratives of those who participated in StoryCenter digital storytelling workshops focusing on self-love, sexual health, and PrEP earlier this year.

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Each person chose the best way to tell their truth. Some relied on the power of photography; some incorporated artwork and narration; while others used their favorite Snapchats.

PrEP is an FDA-approved, once-a-day HIV prevention pill for people who are HIV-negative and is more that 90 percent effective in preventing HIV if taken as prescribed. Its use has been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for those who are at risk of getting HIV.

The free community event will be held at Denver’s own Sie Film Center on Friday, September 27 beginning at 7 p.m and stick around for a panel discussion to dive deeper into the significance of storytelling about sexual health.

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