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October has arrived! After endless months of boring summer, the spooky season has come. This means the weather will match our souls: gloomy and dark. The cooler weather does not equal less activities. This month is filled with spooks, flannels, and mental health summits.

Haunted Houses

To start off your October right, both the 13th Floor and City of the Dead and Asylum have created new attractions for their haunted houses. The 13th Floor haunted location begins the busy month October 2 from 7:30 p.m to 10 p.m.

The new attractions are The Clown, Tales of the Unknown, and The Other Side.

The Clown is inspired by Stephen King’s IT. Tales of the Unknown is based on folklore and other myths. It is up to you to uncover if it is simply a tale or reality. The Other Side looks at the tale of a vanishing friend. One cannot simply disappear; or can they?

Aside from the main attractions, the 13th Floor location will also have a Shriekeasy for people to loosen up before a frightening encounter, as well as mini escape games meant to test your ability to complete objective in under five minutes. The Sensory Overload is another optional addition to your 13th Floor experience. Members will need to make it through a maze with one of their senses eliminated: sight.

Cemetery Tours

In addition to haunted houses, the Fairmount and Riverside Cemeteries will be having a night tour. The objective of the tours is to learn about the history laying beneath our feet. The Fairmount tours will be held October 11, 12, and 26. The Riverside tours will be held October 18, 19, 25, and 26.

Tickets are available now. Bring your flashlights, and be sure to wear proper attire for the weather during a nightly stroll across some cemeteries.


Smokin Gun Apothecary

Shotgun Willie’s was built in 1982, but was later restored in 2013. The building is named Smokin’ Gun Apothecary, and now, it’s a late-night dispensary. The dispensary will be hosting haunted tours this October to help get you in the spirt. The tours will take place from 8 p.m to 10:30 p.m on the weekend of October 25. Those attending the tour dressed in costume will receive a goody bag with candy, discounts, an edible, and beer.

You’ll hear tales about all the famous ghosts, from Terrified Tough Guy to Lonely Lady in Red.

Trick or Treat on Navajo St.

On Halloween day this October, the establishments at 35th and Navajo will be open for all to receive treats. Each business will be handing out candy, and some will have surprising additions to their sweet offerings. Pinwheel Coffee will be giving out hot chocolate, and The Bug Theatre will be showing scary movies. Acova will have a Wizard of Oz-themed day and photos for adults.


Be sure to go out and get spooked, y’all!