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How many of you are like me with an entire list of places you’ve been wanting to visit this year ? I can’t believe it, another year gone, and another trip to Europe I didn’t go on. If you are also like me, it’s not only a matter of saving up those crisp dollar bills bit by bit, but it’s also a matter of not having the time to actually do the research and plan out the trip of my dreams. However, I just stumbled upon something called Mr. Hudson, and this could make my chances of that queer vacay in 2020 closer to a reality.

Mr. Hudson has just launched a brand new offering: custom trip design for the intrinsic explorer. They have been crafting recommendations for queer-centric trips for folks since 2016 and are eager to help plan that perfect long-weekend in the hottest cities or a 10-day international trip of a lifetime.

While Mr. Hudson may be known for being the hub for the discerning gay male traveller, their services extend to everyone and are an awesome resource for any uncompromising diva on the go. Stoked on working with the entire LGBTQ community, they specialize in incorporating varying interests while making sure it’s a safe destination.

From working with travelers on budget and destination, the team compiles a list of recommendations based off interests, tastes, style, and desired level of relaxation. Want to find the best venue for underground, alternative drag? They got you. How about the sexiest spot to lay out in the sun and sip piña coladas? They got you.

From daily trip planing by one of their curators to just a couple ideas to get your curiosities piqued, they got you, too. And, at $35 per day, this curation won’t break the whole trip bank.

See the world with your crew or your boo; it’s up to you! No more excuses; make it your New Year’s resolution to get out there in 2020.