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One night only; that’s all it took to dive deep into the fantasies, desires, and raw sexuality that was MidWinter: A Colorado Night’s Dream. The evening of pure carnal lust and desire embraced sensuality and lurid impulses, and opened its viewers to a world of possibilities.

Hosted by Vortexx Events, Studio Friction, Vanilla Kink, and Spark Erotic at The Oriental Theater on Saturday, January 18, the event venue transformed from concert space to a fantasy land.


Chris and Melina performing a live, acrobatic performance on the aerial trapeze.

Headlining the event were Chris and Melina, international, touring trapeze artists and stars of Spark’s latest film, which was premiered at The Oriental Theater at MidWinter. The duo performed the same aerial routine live for the audience, who was swept away in the magic and excitement of the evening.


Also featured was Lady January Frost, pro Domme and pro comedienne, sexy duo Romeo Uncaged, who did a boylesque, Mormon-themed number, and a sensual circus performance from Dragon Phoenix Duo.


“I’ve been fascinated with sleep and dreams for years,” said event producer Jessie Hanson. “Dreams are where our subconscious communicates itself to us—they reveal our fantasies, fears, and desires and help us process our experiences. I wrote this production to play with the concept of how our best dreams show us what we can’t see during our waking hours.”


Boylesque performer getting a little more comfortable on the stage at MidWinter.



MidWinter was a completely unique event which blended comedy with sexuality, the suggestive with the downright steamy, and dreams coming to reality. Welcoming us to the subconscious wants and desires in our minds were scenes from live acrobats and aerialists to burlesque, stand-up comedy to naked bodies in erotic films, all was welcome and present.

Juggling xylophone player taking a break to address the audience at MidWinter.

A sure way to warm up in the midst of winter, MidWinter explored the sexy secrets we keep and desperately want to explore with a beautiful incorporation of relationships and love.


Spark Erotic, a Denver film company and partner in the production, wants audiences to know they are committed to producing local, ethical, and female-directed erotic films that showcase real-life partners, lovers, and friends, featuring healthy relationships, real sexuality, and hot sex all in one.

*Photos by Veronica L. Holyfield