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Meet Me @ The Altar is an all-female pop punk band consisting of singer Edith Johnson, guitarist Téa Campbell, and drummer Ada Juarez. The band gathers their inspiration from other punk bands such as Knuckle Puck and The Story So Far; however the meaning behind their songs vary from the ordinary. Having LGBTQ and people of color representation, their lyrics stand out among the rest.

“We write our songs based on our personal experiences, which a lot of people find themselves relating to.” MM@TA told OUT FRONT.

“As our lineup changed over time and Edith joined the band in 2017, we really started to hone in our own sound. At first, we struggled to blend Edith’s composed melodies with our really riffy, pop punk instrumentals, but we feel that the latest songs we’ve produced have a happy medium between the two.” 

The band’s latest release is an EP titled Bigger Than Me. The song “Tyranny” is about struggles as women of color within the music industry. They explained that because they are POC, their abilities are constantly underestimated.

Tyranny is about showing the people in this scene that even though they may be ‘bigger than us’ that we are just as good, if not better, than the other people in the scene.”

The pop punk community is a highly male dominated industry. MM@TA stated the importance of having equal opportunity. They expressed that the change “has to come from within the white males who dominate the scene, but there needs to be a change in the way they view women, people of color, and LGBTQ artists, because there’s a lot of talented people out here grinding, and [we] are excluded from certain opportunities.”

On the subject of political change, when asked about our current political climate, the band expressed their disappointment with detention centers, stating: “Someone needs to get those children out of the concentration camps they’re forced to live in right now. It pisses us all off to watch the second Holocaust happening right before our eyes, and no one is doing anything about it.”

The band is no stranger to receiving unfair treated based on their identity. People happen to underestimate the talent of people outside of the dominant groups in many situations. At MM@TA shows, people express their shock at the group’s amazing sound, but as they get established, people are starting to be less and less shocked.

Meet Me @ The Altar is a band changing the pop punk scene. Their lyrics hold meaning and represent people of color and the LGBTQ community during a time of fear. 

“If there are any little girls, specifically of color, reading this right now, just know that you can do literally anything you set your mind to. If you dream of being in a band one day, you can do it despite what the people around you may say. Follow your dreams, kiddos!”

Snag their music and hear more at their Bandcamp page. 

Photos by LA Rodgers