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Masterpiece, the same Colorado cake shop that brought the famous cake case before the Supreme Court and won, is now claiming the business is being harassed by a pending case.

For those who don’t remember, after Masterpiece won their case defending their right to refuse a wedding cake to a queer couple, they refused to make a birthday cake that celebrated a gender transition.

According to The Advocatethe Civil Rights Commission of Colorado sent a letter to Masterpiece claiming they violated anti-discrimination laws by not making the new cake. But the cake shop fought back with the help of the anti-queer group Alliance Defending Freedom, claiming that they are being unfairly targeted and harassed by being asked to make this cake.

So far, the state seems to be on the side of the Civil Rights Commission, claiming that they are simply upholding an exiting law by enforcing the anti-discrimination ruling. They also claimed that the baker’s request is too vague and needs to be narrowed. The coming year will show wether Masterpiece is able to successfully do that, or if the case will be dismissed.

It looks like Masterpiece isn’t giving up their hateful attitude anytime soon, but luckily there are plenty of other welcoming bakeries to go to in the Mile High City.