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The soundscape of the duo known as LVDY, comprised of Kathleen Hooper and Aubrey Mable, is nothing short of illustrious. The warmth of their harmonies; the cosmic connection of their friendship; and the wispy, rhythmic essence of their catalogue confess that the approachable, poetic music they create is something not to be dismissed.

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In a sold-out performance at Marquis Theater on January 4, the first show of the new year for the Denver band, LVDY packed a powerful set into the even-more-packed room. From full-audience sing alongs to favorited tunes, to brand new material which they will be recording and finalizing post-production on a brand-new album, they stole the show.


LVYD, made up of Kathleen Hooper and Aubrey Mable (l-r), performed to a sold-out Marquis Theater on Saturday, January 4, 2020.

It’s true, the magnetism of the pair is inescapable, and it’s evident that they are platonic soulmates, as Mable told OUT FRONT recently in an interview. The pair have an evident appreciation and adoration for one another’s talents and demeanor, and while the duo look more like sisters than strangers, it’s the honesty and integrity of their music that keeps them going strong.


The songs exist in a space that is a place of rest, and they resonate with a graceful stability. Singer/songwriter and danceable pop is a tough line to straddle in music; however LVDY do it flawlessly. The folk undertones that drive forward the synth pop airiness play into the acoustic, earthy vibe. Somehow, their blend of genres and influences works, and they are creating something new and fresh that audiences can truly clutch onto.

The LVDY mob is real, too. It’s not terribly common for a band to have a major following of dedicated fans who show up, performance after performance, and support the band with fundraising and merch purchases. What more could a local fave need? More fans! With the hunger for new LVDY music, the fact that each show is selling out larger and larger rooms, and a focus on new music and touring in 2020, LVDY will surely do just that.

*Photos by Veronica L. Holyfield