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Looking forward while drawing inspiration from icons of the past, that’s what 2020 style is all about. From roller disco to diva flare, these trends put a new decade spin on the looks we know and love.


Stephan Hampton-Valle and Kevin Williams (l-r) inside Boss Vintage on South Broadway in Denver, CO.

This was inspired by early 70s François Hardy. Colorful, mysterious, and fun.
-Abigail Sears, stylist


Jackie Waring and Janelle Tejan (l-r) inside the Mayan Theater on South Broadway in Denver, CO.

Hair in 2020

Hair Expert
Elijah Bleu Gonzales

Trends in hair never change that drastically; we are constantly upcycling with a new spin—from Cher’s long, solid black hair to Brigitte Bardots’ iconic bangs. We also have the classic shag which never quite left the scene, as well as, dare I say… the mullet.

For haircuts, anticipate the return of geometric shapes and sharp lines, blunt bangs and razor-cut bobs, with lots of natural texture.

Color trends are still using the lived-in look, and low-maintenance hair color will always be in style. However, monochromatic hair and vibrant, bold colors will make a splash on the scene this season.

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One of my passions as a make up artist is working with men, as they are often overlooked.
-Ryan Neil

Makeup in 2020

Makeup Expert
Ryan Neil

One of my passions as a make up artist is working with men, as they are often overlooked. Having a ritual of self-care is important to fighting environmental damage, protecting your skin, and keeping it hydrated and healthy looking.

Janelle has a PSA: euphoria-inspired makeup. Want to experiment with a light-colored eyeliner? Janelle is wearing a metallic High-Pigment Longwear NARS pencil, “The Strip,” with a sculpted, bronze shadow. A modern take on 70s glam.

This spring, it’s all about mixing and matching the fun stuff, like Jackie’s intensely  pigmented shades. Jackie is wearing the dynamic duo of blue and green liner with a wash of a soft, metallic shadow all over the lid and a nude gloss with a pop of pink on her cheek.

Stephan and Kevin both have on a serum and primer with an SPF. You can wear light concealer to even the skin tone out, a light bronzer, and Rosebud lip balm to finish it off (petroleum-free).


“Nothing for this shoot was purchased; everything was either from my personal collection or borrowed from Buffalo Exchange. The last decade was a dangerous decade for fast fashion, and my hope for the 20s is that more conscious minds will establish an upcycling ethos when it comes to putting together fierce looks.”–Abigail Searls

Fashion in 2020

Style Expert
Abigail Searls

My love of fashion has been rooted in storytelling and a creative vision, and as we progress into this new decade, our biggest strength in fashion is going to be the commingling of vintage and modern, masculine and feminine. The 2020 looks I put together are really a blending of modern style with 70s and 80s aesthetics, and by piecing together opposing fabrics and textiles, these looks can be worn in really versatile ways.

The past 10 years was a dangerous decade for fast fashion. My hope for the 20s is that it will be inspired by more conscious minds, and that we establish more of an upcycling ethos when it comes to putting together fierce looks.

Jackie I had in gold, mermaid disco pants, with an open, hand-knitted vintage sweater. This was really a strong look that blended some version of grandma chic and disco queen that I just felt worked. She was inspired by Kacy Musgraves, Cher, and Kim Kardashian.

For Janelle, I had this fun, orange balloon pant with a vintage, pink-and-orange blouse and a matching, pink-and-orange flannel jacket. This look popped with green mesh socks and a gold block mule. This was inspired by the early 70s François Hardy. Colorful, mysterious, and fun.

Kevin was my monochromatic inspiration. I put him in oversized, thick caramel cords paired with a feminine, gold-and-caramel, button-down shirt. This was really a look that established that you can do so much with opposing textures.

For Stephan, my disco boy, I used some old, sequined pants and a navy, paisley button-down. I was really channeling Studio 54. I think this look had really incredible, opposing textures, and I really loved how he was able to just make it come to life.


Artistic director and hair specialist:
Elijah Bleu Gonzales


JJ Constantine


Ryan Neil


Wardrobe stylist:
Abigail Searls



Kevin Williams


Stephan Hampton-Valle


Jackie Waring


Janelle Tejan