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Blake McIver Ewing, better known for his “role” as Waldo in 1994’s The Little Rascals hasn’t been up to much, unless you count outbursts on twitter to be “something.” Early Thursday morning, McIver thought it appropriate to post what one would assume is a “hot take” on Emmy nominated Pose.


Twitter was not having it.


Suffice it to say, to call Pose “just Glee,” with a viral load no less, is erasure of the importance and struggle of queer people of color who are still trying to have their stories told. 

Pose is more than a second-class Glee; it is an expression of POC identity when people of color remain marginalized by some members of the white, gay community. It provides a narrative to an identity which many people struggle to find. To boil this down to a simple, dismissive tweet of 44 characters is not only a disservice to the cast and creators of Pose, but to the whole black, queer community.