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Denver locals Liptruce released their new album on Friday, November 15 to a packed house delivering a brand new phase of the band who are bound and determined to give it their all. While the industry is rough and critics are a mile deep, this Mile High City band proved they are ready for the next stage of stardom.

With the rebranding of the band formerly known as The Sir Band, Liptruce performed a dynamic, energetic, and cultivated set that not only spoke to the evolution of the music but to the fact that they are standing on their own feet and standing for something.

SA of Liptruce at Marquis Theater for the album release concert, Friday, November 15, 2019.

Kim O’Hara of Liptruce at album release show at Marquis Theater, November 15, 2019.

Luke Mehrens of Liptruce at album release concert at Marquis Theater on November 15, 2019.

Recently, OUT FRONT connected with Liptruce and got the scoop on what the new music means to them and what they hope that audiences get from the focus on an upwards and outwards trajectory. The band, made up of SA, Kim O’Hara, and Luke Mehrens, are all on the same page that it’s now or never to push their way through the music biz and into the limelight.

“We talked about it and said ‘Let’s just see what the f*ck we can get away with’ instead of being this safe, little band,” said SA, lead vocalist and lyricist of Liptruce.

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Safe is definitely not on their list of descriptive words any longer, and leaving little to the wandering eye, SA and the rest of the band made sure to leave a long, lasting impression with the new iteration of the band.

While the sound of Liptruce and their stage presence may not be residing in the space of comfort and safety, it’s clear that the trio is immensely safe with one another as they charge into the next iteration of the down-tempo, beat drive pop sound they have honed in on. From chair dances to lighting rigs, they spared no creative expense in curating exactly what they want to be known for.

“We want to make music we want to hear. I was telling Kim before we went into the studio that I was really struggling to hear things I liked anymore. I was stuck on old albums and playlists, and what we are making now is my fave,” SA told us in October.

It’s certain that Liptruce is not only SA’s favorite, as the band has seen thousands of plays on streaming platforms since the release in just a short couple of weeks. It only grows from here, and 2020 is going to be the year that Liptruce breaks down the walls and breaks through to the mainstream.

*All photos by Veronica L. Holyfield