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The country’s wake-up call that illuminated the importance of getting your voices heard and votes out began in 2016. The realization of a Trump presidency set in, and taking action was of the utmost importance.

As a result, our attempts to turn our surroundings blue are really paying off. The Kentucky, Mississippi, and Virginia elections on Tuesday are a victorious win for LGBTQ members and supporters. Eighty democratic candidates won in total, a record number for an odd year.

On an even more memorable note, the cyclist that lost her job because of flipping off President Donald Trump’s motorcade in 2017 won for local office in Virginia. As one of the many wins, Juli Briskman takes back Virginia’s democratic control of their Senate and House of Delegates. Danica Roem was also reelected as a delegate in the Virgnia. Roem is one of the six openly trans candidates who took the win. Virginia’s election results amounted to the state becoming a blue state.

Despite the abundance of good news, not all wins are in our benefit. In Mississippi, conservative Tate Reeves took the seat of Lieutenant Governor. 

Still, we have all seen what voting can do in regards to who gets a seat in office. With our current president’s campaign fueled by hate, changing the norm will determine our future.

UCLA released a report stating that over 20 percent of LGBTQ people were not registered to vote. However, over nine million are registered. Numbers show that if all the unregistered queer folks registered and voted, we could beat Trump. 

UCLA also reported only 15 percent of LGBTQ voters as registered as republican, and 35 percent are listed as independent. Independent voters are more likely to lean towards voting for democrats than they are republicans.

The various polls conclude that the odds are in our favor. There is a difference between being a registered voter and actually doing the deed. Be sure to take action by registering and voting. Queer folks can really make a change if we all do our part.