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Peel open the wax seal of seductive performance art this Valentines weekend with a kinky correspon(dance) from the debut Boulder Burlesque troupe members.

Stories will come alive at Let This Be a Love Letter for three consecutive nights, February 13-15, at the Wesley Chapel on Folsom Street in Boulder. Explore what your imagination desires and nourish the sacred sexuality that can heat things up during the chilly month of February. 

Let this Be a Love Letter, the 2020 edition of Boulder Burlesques’ longest-running annual Valentine’s show, will be a time-stamped, living story. Each show will weave together a unique narrative from the night before through featuring a different setlist of  around 10 performers. The theme that ties the package of performances together is the expression of a metaphysical love letter. To unwrap the intimate longing of an aphrodisiac heart, one will need to get there early, sit in the front row, and prepare to be shot by cupid’s arrow.

Featuring live piano accompaniment by Mr. Keys on each of the three upcoming nights, an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter will be present at the show on the February 13, the show has the power to tantalize anyone’s sensory needs. 

Photo credit: Sway Photography

In the meantime, here’s a peek to temporarily satisfy the hopeful romantics, “Sincerely, Yours,” a piece performed by Boulder Burlesque’s owner and director Mademois Elle Tangerine will literally embody the love letter. As described directly by Tangerine, her performance is an expression of “searching for a place for longing to be sent,” then “ending up finding it on my own skin. Instead of writing a love letter to myself, I am becoming the pen and paper of imagined desire.” 

Photo credit: Sway Photography

Advanced tickets are available for $25 for G.A. and $20 for struggling students with any valid student ID. Tickets increase by $5 at the door. If you want to treat yourself or your Valentine to the V.I.P. experience, $75 grants you access to front row reserved seating, tasty treats during intermission, meet-and-greet with the dancers, photo with the dancers, and a poster signed by members of Boulder Burlesque.

Photo credit: Sway Photography

Sacrificial burlesque virgins highly encouraged to attend (just kidding about the sacrifice part, they’ll take good care of you!). Although the performers will be embodying their own power and expression, the audience also gets to feed on that richness and take home their own idea that they can empower themselves in their own way. You don’t need to be on stage to feel the love.