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The rainbow wave has crested, and it’s clear that we’ve elected a record number of LGBTQ folks into office. But in all the (understandable) local focus on Jared Polis, let’s not forget that the U.S. also just elected our first openly bisexual senator.

According to New Now NextKrysten Sinema won her race in Arizona, making her the first out-and-proud bi senator in U.S. history. Much like Brianna Titone’s race here in Colorado, the race was close, but once Sinema pulled ahead, her opponent officially conceded.

This makes the U.S. Senate tally 47 Democrats to 51 Republicans. But while the Republicans still control the senate, this is still a huge victory for Sinema, the democratic party, and the LGBTQ community. Not only did she flip a conservative state, bi candidates often struggle even more than gay and lesbian candidates, since their very identity is often called into question by proponents of family values.

The queer community will definitely be following Sinema’s career, along with the rest of the politicians that rode the rainbow wave.