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Most goths live for fall and count the seconds until summer ends. What could be more perfect to help ring in the death toll for summer than a spooky night of drag?

Gladys: The Nosy Neighbor is already known for being the off-beat home to some of Denver’s most sickening drag thanks to the success of their anything-goes drag night, Weirdo. Now, they are getting even weirder with a brand new, witchy drag night called Koven.

The first night of Koven will take place on Monday, August 6, hosted by Noveli, the punk rock rock drag queen known for putting on queer punk DJ night God Save the Queens. Locally famous for marrying the goth and punk scenes into the queer community and creating a space where queer goths can feel comfortable, and queirdos can listen to music that isn’t top 40, Noveli is cornering the market on the LGBTQ alt and goth scene, and we are here for it.

Not only have nights like Weirdo and God Save the Queens been a big hit in Denver, alt drag is getting national popularity with the success of the TV show Dragula, which is similar Drag Race, except queens are fighting over who wore the fake peeling flesh the best or who pulled off the best dead girl look, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “sickening.” 

We’re willing to bet that goths, drag enthusiasts, and anyone who likes a dark beat or uses the word “witchy” on a regular basis are marking their calendars for this one. See you out there!