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As Kayla Marque took to the dimly lit stage last night, August 28, at the Gothic Theatre, she was a glowing force to be reckoned with. A vision in white with confidence to spare, the lights warmed, and her radiant smile grew from ear to ear.

The local Denver singer/songwriter has a lot to be smiling about. On the heels of a brand-new music video release and a birthday close-in wait, the veteran vocalist knows how to own a stage just as much as owning her life and where she’s going.

Marque just released a visual component to her song “Love Should Be” directly representing a stark contrast to her previous video for “Fold in Half.” Both from the album Brain Chemistry, she is showing the duality and complexity in the right versus left side of the mind.

“The album is a representation of my duality,” said Marque. “I wanted the two single videos to be a visual representation of that. ‘Fold in Half’ is black and white, moody and dramatic, while ‘Love Should Be’ is colorful and majestic. Basically, it is ego vs spirit … ”

The visuals embody just that; the spirit of the elements and a connection to the Earth. Ultimately, the connection to those elements is a metaphor for the musician’s journey in connecting with and finding love for herself.

“In the video, I wanted to show self-love, and in my experience in learning to love myself, I’m having to surrender to the universe and understand oneness,” she said.

Cover image by Raleigh Gambino