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The big names are rolling out as Club Skirts The Dinah Shore Weekend is ramping up and getting ready to hit it big with the 30th anniversary of the ultimate lesbian pool party. From basking in the sun with the other bathing beauties to the showcase of up-and-coming best of the best in queer music, all the way to stand-up comedy, The Dinah is more than a weekend o’ fun; it’s an experience.

Not to be confused with your standard music festival just for the ladies, The Dinah are expanding their offerings to be more inclusive for LGBTQ folks, including those who are taking the stage. They just announced a huge celebrity guest, the one-and-only John Waters, iconic director and public figure who has made fringe the new normal.

Waters said, “As a proud ‘lezbro’ who’s never been scared of women smarter than me, I’m happy to be the comic relief in a sea of partying, ‘all-girl’ music festival fans. Thanks to The Dinah, I will finally be a true outsider!”

Waters is known for his long career in entertainment and has written and directed 16 movies including Pink Flamingos, Polyester, Hairspray, Cry Baby, Serial Mom, and A Dirty Shame. He is a photographer whose work has been shown in galleries all over the world, author of nine books, and a member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Taking a stance of unapologetic authenticity, Waters released a new memoir in 2019 titled Mr. Know-It-All: The Tarnished Wisdom of a Filth Elder, in which Waters gives advice on how to tackle your life and explores how being on the fringe of society has become chic and trendy.

“To me, that suddenly I’m an insider is much more hilarious and even much more devious. I snuck in and can influence people, and it’s too late; I’m already in the door,” Waters told them. in an interview last year.

The official Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend will take place in Palm Springs, California from April 1-5 and has become a beacon of diversity for the city. Founder, producer, and CEO Mariah Hanson was awarded a key to the city for all the work she has done for LGBTQ representation and diversifying the offerings womxn in the community can participate in.

Creating a safe space for queer, female-identifying folks to party, thrive, and celebrate has been a priority for Hanson since day one, and she continues to serve the wants and needs of the ever-expanding and inclusive queer community.

“When I heard John mentioned The Dinah in his one-man show in 2017 in Palm Springs, I thought, OMG, wouldn’t it be great to have him headline at The Dinah in a show he creates specifically for us?” Hanson said. “I loved the idea of showcasing a man at The Dinah, especially one who has done so much for our community to further equality and to normalize those of us who in the past may have felt on the fringe. So I contacted him, and he loved the idea. I’m excited to include him in our 30th-anniversary programming.”

The annual party that has it all, The Dinah is a space for womxn to express their true, authentic selves, feel confident in their own skin, and connect with other people from around the world in a communal sense of love and empowerment.