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As many small businesses are ramping up to reopen, there is one Denver-based company that are doing their part in making sure we as a community to continue the work in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Image Impressions, a local print shop founded by South American immigrants in 1999, have swiftly shifted focus and have been making banners and stickers to help keep people safe. The bilingual, full-service printing and advertising company have crafted on-the-floor and counter stickers, masks for customers, and designed a tall banner as a way to remind us to continue to focus on social distancing.

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“This virus is going to be around for some time, and we will need to learn new habits on how to interact,” said Manuel Tejada, founder and president of Image Impressions. “Businesses need to make sure they remind their employees and customers to social distance at all times. That is what these signs are for.”


The company are making hundreds of door stickers that say “Upon Entering, You Are Required to Wear A Mask,” like the one on their door, to give away for free to small businesses about to reopen. “A small business owner and their employees can’t afford to get sick, but they need to start helping customers if they want to stay in business.”

While developing these items is a way to be in support of community, Image Impressions is hoping this will bring in a bit of revenue for the company that typically sees a lot of business this time of year with their event signage production.

“At this time, everyone is trying to help in any way they can. Restaurants are donating food, people are volunteering, those with extra cash are donating cash. We make stickers, so it was the fastest and most efficient way for us to help,” said Eva Tejada. “Instead of telling everyone that comes to your building to wear a mask, having this sticker at the door is a gentle reminder to do the right thing. One day, we will all be used to wearing masks as second nature.”

In addition to the stickers, Image Impressions have free banners for restaurants that remain operating for curbside and pickup.

To request a free sticker or sign, email eva@imageimpressions.com. Stickers will be available for pickup at their location on 6805 Broadway, Denver, CO 80221. Owners ask those picking up to please call in advance at 303-308-9444. Hours will return to normal on May 11, 2020, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday – Friday.

In addition to the printing and publishing business, Image Impressions have also impacted the community by organizing free events like Cine en el Parque and the Westminster Latino Festival. Owners are available for interview. Contact Eva Tejada at 303-308-9444.