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Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is a club found in schools to create a safe space and advocate for LGBTQ students within their place of learning. At Frontier High School in California, the first GSA meeting of the year was interrupted by students associated with the Future Farmers of America. The FFA carried MAGA flags and shouted slurs, according to a parent.

A member of the FFA identified only as Matthew stated they went to the GSA meeting out of curiosity. Himself and others with the group have been suspended for “harassment, intimidation, and sexual assault.”

The school district told NBC they are trying to show students how to communicate respectfully with differences being present.

As of now, the incident is being investigated, and once it is closed, measures will be taken.

GSAs are meant to create safe spaces for kids to express themselves. Alyssa, a member of GSA in a California high school, told NBC the group was considered her family. 

“Having a GSA on campus lets students know that there is a safe place, and that there are students/teachers on campus who are accepting.” Monika Ujkic, a staff member at Alyssa’s school, stated.

Put simply, attacks on a marginalized groups make others feel unsafe and encourages similar behavior to occur.