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Results from the New Hampshire primary are in, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders walked away with a clear victory. However, Pete Buttigieg was not far behind him and is now the candidate with the highest number of delegates, if you count Iowa and New Hampshire. In a surprising turn of events, Amy Klobuchar came in third place in New Hampshire while Biden’s lack of support undoubtedly damaged his campaign.

Democrats are itching to find the candidate they believe will be “electable” as the run-up to the general election creeps closer and closer. Voters are feeling an increase in pressure to choose a candidate because they want to make sure they opt for the person who will be likely to defeat  Donald Trump. According to a poll released by Monmouth University, two-thirds of registered voters across America believe that Trump will be re-elected whether they support him or not. 

Despite Sanders being the lead Democratic candidate across national polls, it is worrisome that there is no one candidate with enough momentum behind them to take on Trump in the November election. Many democrats are prepared to vote for any candidate, regardless if they were their first choice, in an effort to remove Trump from the white house. On the other hand, because there are so many undecided constituents, voter turnout is so far barely higher than it was in 2016. A lack of voter turnout on the democratic side was what gave Trump the upper hand in 2016 and is what could propel his re-election this year. 

A majority of Americans want to see Trump out of office, but if democrats continue to be uninspired by any of their front-running candidates, their chances of winning the majority looks bleak. After winning the New Hampshire Primary, Sanders looks like he has the best chance of winning over democratic voters and going head-to-head with the current president.

As volatility looks like it will continue to be the name of the game in upcoming primaries, Americans will be biting their nails and glued to the edge of their seats waiting on results.