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On Friday October 11, the Secret Love Collective hosted a three-hour, goth dance party, Thin Veil. The goth-themed night was a part of their “In Bed By Ten” series of dance parties that end at 9 p.m. so that, as advertised, you can get in bed before 10.

Thin Veil was the fourth “In Bed By Ten” dance party put on by the Secret Love Collective. Formed in 2017, the Secret Love Collective hosts gatherings, events, performances, and exhibitions. According to their website, they “hope to engage friends and strangers in questioning and imagining.” Some of their past work includes a photo booth at Meow Wolf as well as their “spooky valentine” residency at the Understudy in October of 2018.

The sober party raged for three hours with two live DJs, DJ Genevieve and DJ L.A. Zwicky. Genevieve Waller and Lauren Zwicky are two of the eight members of the Secret Love Collective. The event was also sober, and there was a supply of almost endless sparkling water to keep the goths going.

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Held at Leon Gallery in Denver, the space transformed into a goth haven for the night. With a fog machine blasting, the room was brought to a moody vibe with black fabric hanging on the walls while spooky installations transformed the gallery into an appropriate playground for queer and goth pride.

By the end of the night, the floor was covered in body glitter, as well as feathers from a black boa, fitting in with the aesthetic so well it looked like the wardrobe malfunction was on purpose.

There was clear intention behind the goth dance party to make the space as inclusive as possible. Along with promises of queer community, the event page notified attendees of a gender neutral bathroom and accessibility information, as well as zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, fatphobia, misogyny, xenophobia, and classism. The space even welcomed service animals; there was a service dog on the dance floor, decked out in a glow stick collar.

A night of queer community and dancing, people were decked out in their blackest black goth fineries, some even donning horns, and folks filled the dance floor until the end of the event. The goth dance party ended with a thank you from organizers and a loving command to go to bed.