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In this web age, if a company, individual, or organization doesn’t have a digital presence, they may as well kiss the chances of expanding your base and connecting with audiences goodbye. Nowadays, everyone and their mom has a website, and things ranging from the most obvious to the most obscure can be found with a simple search. This means, however, that domain names are being snatched up faster than tickets to another Cher “Farewell Tour,” and that is making for some funky site names and acronyms.

Luckily, innovators and entrepreneurs know exactly what we’re thirsty for: that uniqueness that can make our personal and professional channels stand out from the oversaturated and underrated basics. With more than 340 million domain names in existence, finding something fabulously original is tough, to say the least. Yet, now it’s even more important to not only stand out from the crowd but to stand UP for something, and now audiences can be accessed in a whole new way.

PrideLife, an e-commerce store focused on domain names and the first LGBTQ-certified registrar in the world, has just launched a new platform to connect queer audiences and allies with unique companies and personalities who want to showcase their diversity. Straying outside of the limiting .COM universe, domains like .LGBT are becoming available and opening the door for an original and wide horizon to be explored.

“We want to help diverse communities like [the] LGBT [community] become more visible,” said PrideLife founder Scott Seitz. “PrideLife will not just sell you space; we will push diversity to the forefront and develop tools that help domain owners grow their organizations and businesses.”

According to LinkedIn, some early adopters of the .LGBT domains are Barefoot Wine & Bubbly at www.barefootwine.lgbt, LGBTQ healthcare specialists Lighthouse at lighthouse.lgbt, and news and culture outlet for queer POC news and events SOULE at soule.lgbt.

Through a vision of self-empowerment and sustainable measures, the new marketing initiatives to support LGBTQ registrants are in the works, including .LGBT community hubs which will be designed to drive visibility and awareness.