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As a person who identifies as queer, I’m on the constant lookout for small businesses owned by LGBTQ folks to support, and Denver has become a great place to support queer spaces owned by queer folks. However, I have to be honest; as long as my bank isn’t taking their proceeds and supporting hate-groups and conversion therapy practices, I don’t think too much about where I store my hard-earned bucks.

That minimal-damage acceptance model I subscribe to is rapidly changing, though, as there is one banking option that is not only inclusive and inviting to LGBTQ folks but is also giving employment opportunities to queer people while giving back to the community is in the works.

Superbia Credit Union based in Michigan is in the works to be open for business with a mission to provide “access to fair, non-discriminatory products and services that care for the unique needs of the LGBTQ community, delivered within an affirming experience,” according to their website.

Visionary and founder of Superbia Myles Meyers said he believes “that the LGBTQ community can, and should, organize itself in a way like never before, and use our own considerable economic power to our full advantage.”

With more than 25 years of experience in financial services, Meyers was inspired to offer new means of financial security and freedom to those in the LGBTQ community during this time of geopolitical uncertainty. Starting Superbia Credit Union was a way for him to address the lag in financial services offered to the LGBTQ community as well as address the fact that the customer experience is not reflective of their unique needs.

“State law doesn’t protect Michigan’s LGBTQ community from discrimination in the workplace and public accommodations,” said Michigan Senator Jeremy Moss to The Oakland Press. “It’s burdensome that gay and trans Michiganders must depend on private businesses to take it upon themselves to provide equal treatment to employees and consumers.

“Fortunately, many LGBTQ business owners and entrepreneurs have stepped up to specifically cater to the needs of our community, and I’m especially excited to welcome in Superbia Credit Union to Michigan as a safe space to bank and obtain lines of credit without fear of discrimination,” Moss said.

In addition to being a queer-affirming banking system and business model, Superbia have stated they will award up to 30 percent of profits directly to LGBTQ organizations, initiatives, and community needs locally and across the country.

After receiving approval for a charter from the state of Michigan on Monday, The Blaze reported that Superbia will be open to members who are supportive of the LGBTQ community and the company’s mission in early 2020.