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Even though LGBTQ people of all ages are discriminated against and isolated, this problem holds especially true to the elders of our community.

A study from the John A. Hartford Foundation details that isolation in rural communities is much more common, and these community members are also less likely to be out to the public. Rural members are also more likely to live alone, and much less likely to have children to care for them, causing these elders to need support from organizations that help, as well as their community.

However, they don’t always find that support, even if they specifically turn to a group for older folks. A common problem that occurs is persecution from elder-serving organizations, since there is no federal law providing protection from discrimination, making it harder for these folks to get their basic needs met. 

SAGE is an organization that is attempting to change this by holding monthly discussion groups to create a strong community. They are one of the few groups that do work especially with LGBTQ seniors, a faction that is often overlooked, even by well-meaning LGBTQ activists or elder care specialists. 

To learn more, check out SAGE online, or watch the video above to find out what queer folks over a certain age face.