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Transgender military rights still are a hot topic for debate, and the discrimination and lack of proper medical standards are ancient to say the least. Until 2016, transgender people were not able to serve in the military, yet with the eventual lift of the ban, they were also no longer forcibly discharged simply due to their gender identity. In addition, medical care became accessible and was specifically catered to their needs.

However, under the Trump Administration, their ferocious attempts to revive the ban struck down in 2016 were successful. After failed lawsuits that occurred after the implementation of the ban in April of 2019, the Pentagon claimed the ban was not directed at transgender people, rather those with gender dysphoria. The Pentagon has also not allowed for HIV-positive members to serve in the military either according to the Human Rights Campaign.

Now, with only six democratic candidates left running for the presidential role, Elizabeth Warren has claimed under her administration she will protect the rights of military members and their families. This includes items such as allowing HIV-positive people to join and addressing the sexual harassment issues that exist within the military.

According to Vox, the Pentagon stated 20,500 members have been sexually assaulted each year; however, in 2016 only 14,900 total reported they were assaulted in the Department of Defense survey. This survey is only administered once every two years, and it has been stated that the high rates of sexual assault factor into the rising rates of suicide.

Warren plans to take action to end the ban on day one if elected. Warren tweeted: “A Warren administration will protect the rights of LGBTQ+, women, Black, and Latinx service members. I’ll reverse Trump’s shameful ban on trans service members on Day One. My administration will protect veterans and family members of serving military personnel from deportation.”

Warren has created a more in-depth plan for her military changes titled Keeping Our Promise To Our Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families.

Warren’s drive to undo the mess created by the current administration in the White House is rooted in her three brothers all having served our country. Through that, she has witnessed first-hand the struggles of military families.