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On July 29, Dragutante will be holding a charity event to not only raise money for LGBTQ charities, but more importantly to create a safe and creative place for young and upcoming drag queens to experience Drag culture both on and off the stage.

These future queens will also meet some local famous queens, Vivica Galactica and Ginger Douglas, who are hosting the event.

Not only will this event help to expose the young queens, but it will also allow their families to understand that Drag is a positive experience and should be supported.

The event will take place at the Seawell Ballroom in the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, where the tween queens will have their faces beat by Drag professionals, creating a look that expresses their inner prima donna. These queens will then walk the runway, serving up pure realness and haunting looks.

According to their Facebook event,”Dragutante is a catalyst for creative expression and will open the future to an unprecedented platform to celebrate otherness, acceptance and self-love in future generations.”

You can donate here or buy a ticket to support these fabulous young queens!

Photos courtesy of Facebook