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“As an LGBTQ person of color, my success has been possible only because of community activists who fought for justice and equal protection under the law,” Alex Valdez, Denver’s Democratic candidate running for Colorado’s House District 5 (HD-5), told OUT FRONT.

Valdez is a local businessman born and raised in the Denver Metro Area, and is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder. After starting up a solar business with a grassroots campaign in Rino, he found his passion within politics–becoming a Precinct Committee Person and later a Captain for House District 5.

HD-5 compromises a large part of central and northwest Denver and is one of the most demographically diverse and prosperous districts in the state, from startups and small business to a home for immigrants, young professionals, and new families. After moving to the District in 2002, Valdez has worked hard to make the area a space of inclusion for all minorities.

Some of his campaign key focuses include protecting the environment and stopping climate change, curbing gun violence, promoting healthcare as a basic human right, defending immigrants, and fighting for equality.

“Currently Colorado’s transgender community faces a disproportionate level of homelessness and criminal convictions, which leads to underemployment,” he claimed. “I will fight for ‘Ban the Box’ legislation in Colorado, which will ensure everyone has a fair chance at employment.”

Fighting for people within the Denver community, such as LGBTQ folks, women, and minorities who still face challenges, is at the epicenter of Valdez’s campaign.

He urges that he will “fight to strengthen hate crime legislation, and to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all by the criminal justice system.”

And to date, Alex has received incredible support, such as the endorsement of the Herod Leadership fund, the Victory Fund, and the HONOR fund.

“Alex’s commitment to smart public policy that addresses the real concerns of constituents makes him the best candidate for HD5. When he wins in November, Alex will become a vital LGBTQ voice,” said Victory Fund’s President and CEO Annise Parker.

To read more about Valdez’s campaign initiatives and to find out if you live within HD-5, visit here.

Photo courtesy of Alex Valdez Facebook.