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Colorado Senate hopeful Dan Baer just announced that he has decided to suspend his campaign endorse John Hickenlooper as the senate nominee. While the openly gay candidate, who was endorsed by the LGBTQ Victory Fund, had been running a strong campaign, Baer said he believes the significance of removing Gardener from office is more important than his own desire to lead the Rocky Mountain state.

“Brian [Baer’s husband] and I are so grateful for all those across Colorado, all 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico who have joined this campaign,” said Baer in a video announcing his exit from the race. “This campaign has been a joyful expression of values of a commitment to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for every person.”

Baer entered the race in April of 2019 and reported a record breaking $1.35 million in his first quarter, making him the largest first report ever as an LGBTQ candidate for U.S. House or Senate. With his endorsements and grassroots donors, Dan’s campaign looked promising. However, Baer announced on Thursday, September 12, that he is stepping out of the race and speaking up for Hickenlooper.


Robin and I are grateful for our friendship with Dan and Brian, and I’m glad to have his support,” Hickenlooper said in a press release. “He is a genuine public servant. From working with Secretary Clinton on her famous LGBTQ human rights speech to working with me when I was governor to tackle equity challenges in education, Dan’s career has been about making more things possible for more people. His history-making, record-breaking campaign won’t be the last we hear from him.”

On a platform of tackling climate change and protecting Colorado’s natural resources, elevating the fight for gun safety, and ending the influence of corporate money in politics, it’s no surprise that upon Baer’s exit, he is now endorsing Hickenlooper, who focused on all of these areas during his work as Governor.

“Breaking barriers is rarely achieved by one campaign, and it’s never only one person who rises to meet a moment,” Baer said.

While he has yet to announce what his future plans are, Colorado has one less candidate, but one stronger democratic nomination.