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An announcement was made on Wednesday, May 8, that the Cuban government has cancelled any and all Pride celebrations. Scheduled to occur in Havana in mere days, the announcement of the squashed parade and festivities planned for May 11 is leaving many confused and upset.

The government has claimed the cause for cancellation of The Conga, Cuban’s Pride, is a mere “adjustment” to their events calendar. However, many feel that this is a way to silence the LGBTQ community, as same-gender marriage is currently under Caribbean nation debate.

CENESEX, the state-run National Center for Sex Education, claimed international and regional tensions meant the parade could not be carried out successfully, as reported by Reuters.

“To not permit it is a sign that compels us to return to the closet,” said Norge Espinosa, an LGBTQ activist, said in a Facebook post. “To know we are not welcome, that hope can be undone, if we do not have what is needed to fight.”

As millions of Americans prepare for their beloved Pride festivities and a day of celebration and acceptance of queer history and progress, we must not forget our LGBTQ brothers and sisters around the world who are still being silenced.