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Amidst increased pressure on Republicans to allow witnesses during the impeachment trial, Colorado Senator Cory Gardner made statements proving his partiality during a closed-door meeting.

Last Wednesday, January 29, Gardner officially disclosed his opposition to hearing from first-hand witnesses who could potentially discredit the Trump Administration’s defense. However, his admittance to the press did not coincide with his comments to his republican colleagues inside the Capitol that very same day. Senator Gardner made his arguments in conjunction with the fact that, if witnesses are to be heard, it would greatly threaten his own re-election campaign. 

Democrats are standing by their case, pleading that John Bolton and other witnesses will shed light on the charges being brought against President Trump. Pat Chipollone and Senate republicans have maintained their defense of the president by questioning the validity of the articles of impeachment.

Additionally, republicans argue that it is up to the American people to decide whether or not Trump is guilty of his charges. As arguments have gone back and forth over the past week, many have called the republicans’ denial of wrongdoing a cover-up that nullifies the constitution. Despite who’s right or wrong, there is no doubt that witness testimonies would bolster the democrat’s inquiry. 

Colorado Democratic Party Spokesman David Pourshoushtari released a statement saying:       

“The Senate holding a trial without direct witnesses or key documents isn’t a trial—it’s a cover up, and Senator Gardner is complicit. Instead of upholding his oath, Senator Gardner viewed impeachment as a political calculation, and the people of Colorado will not forget.”

During the 2016 campaign, Senator Gardner did not endorse Trump, saying that he wouldn’t vote for either primary candidate but would instead write in his vote for Mike Pence. During the first three years of the Trump presidency, Gardner had a change of heart and announced in January of 2019 that he was formally endorsing the 2020 re-election campaign. Since his announcement, Coloradans have severed the relationship with their republican senator as he continues to let down constituents time and time again.

Senator Gardner stuck by President Trump when he took $8 million from Peterson Air Force Base to fund the border wall, as Trump attacked the residency status of DREAMers, and even now, after Trump pressured Ukraine to dig up information on the Bidens. As of now, Gardner has refused to hold an in-person town hall for more than 800 days and has made no plans to hold one in the near future. Aside from Gardner’s blind support of the president’s policies and implementations, he has had his own discrepancies with Colorado voters.

Gardner has had a long track record of threatening to cut Medicare and social security, not to mention the fact that he has consistently fought against legislation granting rights to Colorado’s LGBTQ community.

It’s just two days before the expected end to trial hearings and what many are saying will be an acquittal of President Trump by Republicans. Unless witnesses are called to testify, the months-long impeachment is coming to an end, and the fate of the 2020 elections is anybody’s game.