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On January 22, 2019, another milestone was celebrated in Colorado Health Network’s history. Following years of preparation and strategic planning, Community Clinic has now been added to the list of services offered at Colorado Health Network.

“We aim to provide a sex-positive environment and look forward to expanding our scope of services, both local and state-wide, in the months to come,” said Lili Carrillo, CHN Clinical Services Officer.

The medical clinic will provide services for those living with HIV and will include full preventative care, transgender and gender non-conforming expansive care, and care for those seeking PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) to reduce the transmission of HIV. “There has been tremendous support and excitement from the community,” said Darrell Vigil, CEO of CHN.  “We expanded our partnership with Denver Health to include some oversight of clinical protocols and to be a resource for our medical provider.”

With this clinic, CHN was able to fulfill a need in the community by providing a continuum of care under one roof. Clients will be able to meet with their case manager, access the food bank, and receive clinical care, all on the same day.

Clients will also be able to access care after ‘normal’ business hours that other clinics do not offer, such as nights and weekends.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 303.962.5317.