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The Pride of Colorado Springs is showing with the installation of its first-ever temporary rainbow crosswalk as a way to kick off Pride weekend in the Southern CO metropolis.

The Rainbow Creative Crosswalk, placed at the intersection of Tejon and Colorado Avenue, is an installation created by the partnership between Colorado Springs Pride and the City of Colorado Springs. For several years, advocates have presented the idea of an embellished crosswalk as part of Pride weekend decor, and the city has finally seized the opportunity to test the concept.

The city was sure to mention in a FAQ section on the website that no taxpayer dollars were spent in painting the notoriously queer symbol, as this could turn controversial in the conservative city.

Placed along the parade route, the crosswalk will remain until July 15. Be sure to catch a glimpse and grab a selfie this weekend—after looking both ways first!

*Images from Colorado Springs PrideFest Facebook page.