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In a major move for trans and non-binary folks, Colorado will allow residents to choose “X” instead of male or female to represent gender on their driver’s license.

According to a press release, The Colorado Department of Revenue, the group that oversees the Department of Motor Vehicles, made the change effective November 30. This is following two court cases that were found in favor of those looking to change their sex on their driver’s licenses. Queer advocates across the state are rejoicing the news.

“Non-binary Coloradans rightfully deserve an identity document that reflects who they truly are,” explained Emma Shinn, co-founder and chair of the Colorado Name Change Project and a trans activist and veteran. “We are proud to stand with the revenue director and the staff of the Department of Revenue who took action to protect all Coloradans. This, combined with the movement towards birth certificate modernization, puts Colorado as a leader across the nation in protections, rights, and opportunities for everyone, including trans and non-binary people.”

“It is important Coloradans have a correct sex identifier on their driver licenses and identification cards that reflects their true lived experience. This policy is better for all of Colorado,” said Michael Hartman, Colorado Department of Revenue’s Executive Director, in a press release sent to OUT FRONT. “Further, these rules are necessary to limit the CDOR’s legal exposure and to align our policies to be consistent with actions in recent court cases.”