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Colorado has once again found itself at the forefront of the LGBTQ discrimination vs. religious freedom controversy.

Jack Phillips, owner of Colorado bakery Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, has not made peace with the Supreme Court ruling in June of this year when he refused to make a cake for same sex couple Charlie Craig and David Mullins. While the 7-2 vote was in Phillips’ favor, granting him the right to refuse service under the First Amendment  on grounds of religious neutrality,  he has ushered himself back into the legal system after filing another lawsuit against the state.

Phillips is seeking retribution for damages caused to his business by the scandal specifically, citing a discrimination complaint filed by Autumn Scardina to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC) in 2017. Scardina claimed that once the shop discovered her birthday cake was also intended to be a cake to celebrate her transition from male to female, they refused to fulfill her order.

According to ThinkProgress, the CCRC moved forward in issuing a probable cause case based on discrimination due to Scardina’s transgender status.

In the new anti-religious bias case against CCRC, Phillips claims in the documents that the lawsuit is necessary to stop Colorado’s continuing persecution. Documents filed Tuesday, August 14, state “he thought Colorado’s hostility toward his faith was over. He was wrong.”

If Phillips wins, he could see up to $100,000 in “punitive damages” from CRC Director Aubrey Elenis, as well as restitution for legal fees.