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Since striking the viral video pot of gold, lo-fi artist Clairo has been on a steady rise to emo stardom. The indie pop act sold out Denver’s Summit Music Hall on Saturday, October 5 and hit the stage to a room packed full of Gen Z-ers.


With the release of her song “Pretty Girl,” Clairo blew up in 2017 with the music video of the teen sitting in her bedroom with headphones on, bobbing her head back and forth to the beat. Now having reached more than 40 million views on YouTube alone, over two years, that song has propelled her from potential one-hit-wonder to beloved songstress.

The singer/songwriter has since released her debut EP, Diary 001, in 2018 and came out as bisexual to her fans via Twitter shortly after.

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“For the longest time, it was really scary because I didn’t exactly know what my label was or what I would call my sexuality. I’ve been struggling with this my whole life. I know I love people, and I’m acknowledging that as something that’s happening to me,” Clairo told them in an interview.

Touring as a support act to big industry names like Khalid and Dua Lipa, the teenager on her bed, lip synching to her lyrics in “Pretty Girl,” was now a full-blown entertainer. She released her first full-length album, Immunity, in August of 2019 and hit the road for her own headlining tour.

Clairo’s shyness strongly exudes from behind the microphone, as she is more likely to look at her instrument or her feet rather than make eye contact with the audience. Yet, she captures the attention of every pair of eyes, keeping them in a sort of trance as she softly sings her signature bedroom pop tunes.

“Because everything happened overnight, I have this irrational fear that it will go away just as quickly,” the now-21-year-old told Pitchfork. “I just want people to stick around long enough for them to know who I really am.”

While she is entering her third year of life in the spotlight, she has had to prove herself to naysayers and folks accusing her of being an “industry plant.” Clairo is finding her voice and her confidence despite it all and continues to work on her craft. The stage show Clairo brought to Denver that weekend is proof alone that a shy girl really can command the attention an entire theater.

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Offering opening support for Clairo were Oakland rockers Hello Yello and Filipino British artist Beabadoobee.