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With a mission of transforming transgender dating, a new app is on the market and wants to connect singles who are looking for love. Welcoming all genders and sexualities, the Butterfly app is for folks who identify as transgender or are open to dating someone who identifies as trans.

So many dating apps out there claim inclusivity and openness to their members; however, how can one be sure? By eliminating the questions and curiosities right off the bat, everyone on Butterfly is interested in dating transgender people. Removing the pressure of when and if it’s safe to come out, new potential partners are all in the know and ready to go.

Another unique feature to Butterfly is that there are no barriers to conversation; if you’re into someone, you can contact them directly and immediately. No swiping, no waving, no awkward winking … Just say hey.

With safety and privacy in mind, Butterfly is taking a few extra steps to ensure that all who jump on are there to see potential prospects. There is no social media sign-up; pictures are optional; age rather than date of birth is asked for, and approximated locations are given.

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The only personal data required is an email address, and if you want to make a new address just for dating, then go ahead. If you want to date privately, you can with Butterfly. Additionally, all your data is erased once you log out of the app.

In its first few months of being on the market, Butterfly’s stats consist of 34 percent trans, 43 percent cis male, and 23 percent cis female folks. The new app is available in 26 countries including the U.S., Canada, the U.K, and the Netherlands. Web version and an Apple iOS app  are available now, and a Google Play app is coming in early 2020.