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Saturday Night Live has been an ongoing comedy sketch filmed live in New York City since 1975, and the first episode of its 45th season just aired. While the musical guest to premiere the season was the adored trip-hop artist Billie Eilish, queer, Denver-based actor Bowen Yang in reality won the crowd.

NewNowNext stated Yang’s journey on the block of 30 Rock began when he was a writer for SNL, and he has written an abundance of memorable sketches. 

The Colorado comedian received a well-deserved promotion over the summer alongside fellow cast member Chloe Fineman. He began his writing for SNL in September of 2018 and the following year became an on-air cast member. You may see him frequently playing Kim Jong Un.

He is the third cast member to be openly LGBTQ, and the first out performer who is also Asian-American.

Yang’s early life began when his parents immigrated from China in the 80s. His high school gave him the title “Most Likely To Be A Cast Member On Saturday Night Live” in the yearbook. Yang is known for bringing laughs through his stand-up comedy or his skits on SNL, but he also has a degree in microbiology. Most notably, he hails from Denver. 

His intelligence has been recognized through his years growing up. Yang pursed his degree at NYU, but comedy is his true passion.

Let’s go through some of his sketches within that hefty resume of his:

With the recent news of President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry, SNL wasn’t too late to make a sketch on the situation.

The DNC town hall features the ten democratic presidential candidates with Yang as Andrew Yang. He opens up with: “If you think my candidacy is going well, I’m literally giving free money to people, and I’m still in sixth place.”

Most recently, Yang played Chen Biao, a ‘Trade Daddy’  from China. He discusses trade tariffs on the ‘Weekend Update’ segment. Biao plays an enthusiastic and sassy trade representative whose self-title is the “Lizzo of China.”

Yang’s rise to the top through SNL will surely bring more laughs to the community, and is a great reflection on queer culture in Denver.